Town Hall Edit

The Town Hall is the central building of each City in Civony. It allows the performance of several tasks, such as Renaming the City, Levying for resources, Comfort, adjusting Tax Rates, and provides information regarding almost every aspect of your city's status.

Buildings Edit

On the lower-left panel in the Town Hall Overview, there is a display that shows all the Inner and Outer Buildings that have been created in the City, along with their level.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrading the Town Hall provides several significant benefits. Each level of your town hall provides 3 'Resource Fields' for production and allows for control of one additional valley. Also, rank advancement has requirements of town hall levels

Upgrading your town hall to level 5 also removes "beginner protection" upon completion (if it has not already expired). Since a higher town hall level is not required for the construction of any structures, it is advisable to refrain from starting Town Hall 5 until your first week is up, and instead focus on building up your first few cities.

Level Requirements Food Lumber Stone Iron Time* Allows Fields Allows Valleys
1 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 13 1
2 N/A 400 6,000 5,000 200 00h 30m 16 2
3 Walls - Level 1 800 12,000 10,000 400 01h 00m 19 3
4 Walls - Level 2 1,600 24,000 20,000 800 02h 0m 22 4
5 Walls - Level 3 3,200 48,000 40,000 1,600 04h 0m 25 5
6 Walls - Level 4 6,400 96,000 80,000 3,200 08h 0m 28 6
7 Walls - Level 5 12,800 192,000 160,000 6,400 16h 0m 31 7
8 Walls - Level 6 25,600 384,000 320,000 12,800 32h 0m 34 8
9 Walls - Level 7 51,200 768,000 640,000 25,600 64h 0m 37 9
10 Walls - Level 8 102,400 1,536,000 1,280,000 51,200 128h 0m 40 10

* Times do not account for construction research, or Castellan's effects.

Overview Panel Edit

On the Town Hall's Overview Panel, there are several tabs that can be accessed, which are:

  • Production tab:
  • This tab displays: (Mid-left to right) How much Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron can be produced. Below each, there are changeable boxes that you can change to set the portion of your maximum capacity to use (as a percent). Below that, there are green numbers that show the exact amount being produced of each resource. Note: All bonuses to production are applied to your BASE resource rate (so, for example, with a 100% bonus due to technology and a Castellan with 100 Politics, your city will produce your base rate + [100% of your base rate from technology] + [100% of your base rate from your Castellan], or a total of 300% of your base rate, NOT [base rate] * 2 [for technology] * 2 f[for Castellan] = 400% base rate).
  • At the bottom of the tab there are statistics for the total population of the city, the labor required to run at 100% capacity, the labor required to run at current capacity settings, your current capacity as a percent of total possible capacity, and a button to save the current settings in the tab.