Timed tasks

Most player actions in Civony are timed:

  • New building constructions
  • Building upgrades
  • Technology upgrades
  • Troop training
  • Wall defense constructions (traps, archer towers, etc.)
  • Scouting on foreign territories
  • Armies marching on enemies and new territories
  • Goods and troop transportation between your own cities
  • Transportation to your cities of goods purchased via marketplaces

Since the timers for many of these tasks are only available in certain menus and sub-menus in the game, a lot of time is spent clicking between menus to keep track of everything that is going on. Depending on the number of armies/heroes and cities a player has, he may have few or many timed tasks running at any one time. One might argue that not providing players with a central list of all timers counting down is essentially a interface design flaw on part of the game developer, others may find the clicking around to be part of the gameplay, immersing the player in the game world and affording exploration in its own way.

Either way, Civony does have a a lot of timed tasks, and thus a lot of waiting. It's more of a game to check back on a few times during the day or week then an immediate achievement experience.

Free web applications/tools like EasyTimers are used by some players to keep track of the timed tasks in one central place and notify when new action is required.