Resources are the tradable commodities in CIvony that do not require cash to acquire, which are Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, and Gold. There are three ways to recieve any of these five.

Gathering Resources Edit

Outside of your Town, there are specifically labelled field areas known as resource fields. They can be constructed on to increase your amount of one type of resource. They are:

  1. Farm
  2. Sawmill
  3. Granite Quarry
  4. Iron Mine

Each requires their own amount of resources to be built, as well as citizens to help collect them. For each level that the building is, an addition rule is used. Let's say you build a Sawmill.

  1. When first built, it is at Level 1, giving 100 additional Lumber for your stockpile, per hour.
  2. At Level Two, the Sawmill gives you 300, instead of the original 100. It has increased by 200.
  3. Level Three gives an additional 300, raising the Sawmill's total to 600.
  4. Level Four, 400 more. The total becomes 1,000, and so on for the next levels.

Levying Resources Edit

Levying, or stealing, involves you taking several amounts of a single supply, for the price of having less loyal citizens that you stole it from. However, if used correctly in conjunction with something else, you can maintain your trust and gain the resource.

Note: How much you receive depends on your City's Population and how much is collected of that resource already.