See Also: Items are awarded through packages, quests, when playing Wheel of Fortune or they can be purchased.

Item Brief Description
Anabasis Increase Hero's experience by 1000
City Teleporter Teleport (move) your city to another location. Location is randomly picked.
Corselet Increase defence of troops by 10%. Effective for 24 hours only.
Dynamite Demolish a building immediately but acquire no resources.
Hero Hunting Refresh recruitment list in Inn. Holy Water- Default Hero's attributes.
Holy Water
Medals Special type of item, please see main article here:
Michelangelo's Script Further upgrade buildings of level 10 or higher.
National Flag Used to change text on flag.
Penicillin Decrease personnel loss by up to 30% during battles. Effective for 24 hours only.
Speaker Used for typing in World Channel or for sending group messages.
The Wealth of Nations Increase a Hero's Politics by 25% when awarded. Effective for 24 hours only.
Truce Agreement Once applied, your city will have 12 hours peacetime. During this time you will not be able to perform attacks nor will your city be attacked. NOTE: This item can NOT be used if soilders are in route either to or from your city.
War Ensign Pre-applied in Rally Spot to increase personnel limit 25% while sending out troops.
War Horn Increase attack of troops by 10%. Effective for 24 hours only.
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