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The level of the Feasting Hall determines how many heros you can have in the city.

Feasting Hall Edit

Feasting Hall

Any heros that you have recruited from the Inn go here, where they do whatever to rest. While here, you can also appoint them to Castellan, or enhance their abilities.

A Castellan hero acts as a mayor to your city, providing a bonus (which can be seen as hero plus in the production section of the Overview menu) based on the statistics of the appointed hero. To appoint a hero as Castellan, simply click on your Feasting Hall and then Appoint and choose the desired hero. Choosing your Castellan or rather Mayor hero affects your resource production, research and training times. Castellans also gain experience from building and research, so make sure to check their experience often and click "Upgrade" to raise their level and use their new attribute points as desired.

The hero's Politics value is actually a %base production increase for all your resources (Food, Lumber, Stone, and Iron). For example, a Castellan with 50 politics provides a bonus of 50% to your base production value. The hero's Attack affects the attack bonus of his marching troops, but at Castellan it has the added bonus of reducing the training time required when recruiting troops. Lastly, the Intelligence of the hero is used as a bonus to the army's defense, but also provides a reduction in research times required when learning technologies.

Choose your Castellan carefully, and always try to keep a hero in your city as Castellan, otherwise your troops will be unable to defend against an attack.

Upgrades Edit

Level Requirements Food Lumber Stone Iron Time * Allowed Heroes
1 Inn 1 400 2,500 1,200 700 6m 1
2 Inn 1 800 5,000 2,400 1,400 12m 2
3 Inn 1 1,600 10,000 4,800 2,800 24m 3
4 Inn 1 3,200 20,000 9,600 5,600 48m 4
5 Inn 1 6,400 40,000 19,200 11,200 1h 5

  • Times do not account for construction research, or Castellan's effects.