Darwin Tactic Edit

The Darwin Tactic is a tactic that exploits the strengths and weaknesses of the various units. It typically involves send 1 soldier of the various infantry/cavalry (swordsmen, pikemen, cavalry, and cataphracts) and then a mass of warriors or archers depending on the specific makeup of the enemy army being fought. An army sent against an opposing army of archers will have a mass of warriors (sometimes swordsmen); while an army sent against an opposing army of infantry will have a mass of archers.

Controversy Edit

There has been much controversy over naming conventions. Discovered by the player Darwin, it was originally named the "Darwin Maneuver" in a joking manner, and given a proper name of "Anti-Archer Spammer Tactic". The two became mixed together into a new "Darwin Tactic". Scholars still debate as to whether this was out of sheer confusion or out of laziness and a search to find a easier word to spell than maneuver. To this date, there has been no clear answer. The original name still stands, and in academia the proper term is still the Darwin Maneuver or the Anti-Archer Spammer Tactic, however for casual conversation the slang term Darwin Tactic is acceptable.

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