Creating a City Edit

Finding a Good Location Edit

Things required:

Rank Knight

Food 10,000

Lumber 10,000

Stone 10,000

Iron 10,000

Gold 10,000

1 Hero

250 Workers (obtained during this guide, only applies for first)

100 Warriors

A Flat nearby, somewhere on the Map.

Rally Spot, Level 1



Go to your world map and look for a FLAT territory that is yet unclaimed and has a relativly low value (Stick to lvl 1 or 2 for beginners). Send your Warriors and Hero to attack that Flat, which will take about 8 or so Minutes.

Once you have claimed the flat as your own, you'll need to get your 250 workers (You should have recieved them from the Second Gift Package in your 'My Items' section)

Second Edit

When you have them available, click on the conquered flat, and you'll see a Build-City button. It'll give you a prompt once you click it, and your men will be under way!

When your Workers get there, you will be given the option to keep your troops there or have them return to the city they were sent from.

Third Edit

All you need to do now when it's finished building is to give it a name, and....

Hurrah! You have another city, expansion is a wonderful thing. Just make sure to send more resources to get it's buildings established quick, and a Feasting Hall, Inn, and Barracks to produce men and heroes to defend your city!

That should get you well on your way.

(Feel free to edit this page with further details, just figured we should get something up here.)