Buildings are important to cities. With out them nothing would happen. There are three different types of buildings in Civony; Economic Buildings, Military Buildings, and Support Buildings. Only one of each building, with the exception of warehouses, cottages, barracks, and resource buildings, can be built in each city.

All buildings seem to follow a general pattern; for any given level, the cost in both time and resources will be double the previous level, and the increase in resource production/storage will be the building level times the production of a level 1 building of the same type. For the mathematically minded, this means that the cost for each level will be 2^N (where N is the level you are upgrading to) * initial cost, while the TOTAL production/storage for a given level will be [the summation from 1 to the building level] times production at level 1.

In short, this means that upgrading all buildings evenly will always provide more bang for your buck, unless quest rewards are involved.

Any construction order can have a Speed Up action performed to decrease the required time (down to a possible 0 time).

Buildings in Civony Edit

Economic Buildings Edit

Economic buildings are built in the City View and produce resources.

Images Buildings Purpose
Farm Farm Produces Food
Sawmill Sawmill Produces Lumber
Quarry Quarry Produces Stone
Ironmine Ironmine Produces Iron

Military Buildings Edit

Military buildings are buildings that produce Troops and Buildings that you require to build more Advanced Troops.

Images Buildings Purpose
Barracks Barracks Produces Units.
Rally Spot Rally Spot Units can be sent out from here.
Forge Forge Required for Advanced Units and Research.
Stable Stable Required for Mounted Units.
Workshop Workshop Required to produce Siege Units.

Support Buildings Edit

Support buildings are buildings that do everything that's not military or economy based.

Images Buildings Purpose
Cottage Cottage Increases Maximum Population.
Inn Inn Where you can find Heroes.
Feasting Hall Feasting Hall Where your Heroes stay, also appoints Castellan.
Embassy Embassy Required to join Alliances.
Marketplace Marketplace Required Trade Resources with other Players.
Academy Academy Required to Research new Technologies.
Beacon Tower Beacon Tower Warns you on the approach of enemy Armies.
Relief Station Relief Station Decreases Travel time between cities owned by yourself and Alliance members.
Warehouse Warehouse Stores resources, protecting them from being stolen during an attack.
Walls Helps to protect your city, and allows you to build obstacles for when you're attacked