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Allows you to train armed troops.

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The barracks produces all troops that you have the technology, resources and available population to train. An important note to remember is that you may build multiple barracks within a city, and then use them in conjunction to produce troops faster. However, it should be noted that each barracks must be a high enough level to train the specific troop type desired in order to speed production, as sharing an order between barracks simply breaks the larger order into equally-sized smaller orders and adds them to the queue of each barracks. Sharing production time is an option the can be checked off in the box on the lower left corner of the recruit window that pops up when attempting to train units.

For those wondering if it's faster to simply produce separate troops in separate barracks to save time, or to produce using the "share production" option, here's a simple timeline to help you understand:


You wish to train 100 swordsmen taking 3 hours to complete, and 100 archers taking 5 hours to complete

Doing a separate production using 1 barracks, you will receive 100 swordsmen in 3 hours, and 100 archers at the 8 hour mark.

However, sharing production among 2 barracks yields you 100 swordsmen in 1.5 hours, and 100 archers after 4 hours.

Producing those same troops with 3 barracks yields 100 swordsmen in 1 hour, and the 100 archers after just 2.66 hours (2hr 40mins)!!!

The use of multiple barracks production is impressive. Those times are also further reduced by your Castellan's attack rating (reduces training time of troops), your Military Science level (for infantry), your Metal Casting level (for mechanical units), and your Stables level in that city (for horsemen). See Feasting Hall for more information on Castellan heros and their stats.

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