Alliances Edit

An Alliance is a close association of nations or other groups, formed to advance common interests or causes. Creating an Alliance requires that you have a Level 2 Embassy, along with 10,000 Gold.

Recruiting members Edit

Getting people to join isn't too easy. If you either want people to join your Alliance, or are helping recruit people to someone else's, you can post on the world chat, whisper people, or Mail them. Once they have applied, either the Host, Vice Host, Presbyter, or Officer can examine the player's information, and Accept or Decline their application.


The Presbyter and above ranks can update information about the Alliance's introduction, being the Alliance Name, Opening Speech, and Alliance notes. The Alliance notes can only be seen from Alliance members.

Rankings Edit

Civony Alliance Upgrade

Promotion of ranking to a 'Presbyter'.

After joining an Alliance, you are the rank of a Member, which is the most common of ranks, above them is the Officer, followed by Presbyter, Vice Host, and the Host at the top. There can only be ONE Host of the Alliance at any time, 2 Vice-Hosts, 5 Presbyters, and 10 Officers.

Alliance List Edit

One of the competitive parts of an Alliance is that you can rise up through the Alliance Listing; a listing of all the Alliances created, by anyone, anywhere, on your server. Rankings are based on the Prestige of your alliance, calculated by adding up the individual Prestige of each Alliance member.

Alliance Member Size Edit

Gaining more members requires that either the Host increase their Embassy level, each level gives an additional 10 member slots up to a maximum of level 10 for 100 member slots, or there is a purchasable item from the shop that when applied immediately increases the Alliance to 100 member slots.

Friend or Foe? Edit

The Host and Vice Host have the power to set the Alliance Diplomacy towards other Alliances. Your Alliance might be friends with another Alliance and choose to make them a Friendly Ally or on the reverse Your Alliance can me enemies with another Alliance and mark them as Hostile, declaring war immediately. Or, you might just know them as in-between, and consider them Neutral towards your Alliance.