Hero Basics Edit

How do I get a Hero? Edit

In order to acquire a Hero, it requires two buildings: and Inn and a Feasting Hall. The Inn is where Heroes can be found while the Feasting Hall displays Heroes that have either been hired, captured, or persuaded. Each level of the Inn displays another Hero, increasing your odds of coming across a good one. Each level of the Feasting Hall allows that city to have another hero.

What is the point of Heroes? Edit

Heroes are required for many things in Civony, they are required for things such as offensive combat, expansion, and to increase the abilities of your city that they are stationed in.

Whats the catch? Edit

Heroes cost an Initial (Level x 1000) Gold to hire. Heroes also require pay equal to 20 times their level. This may sound like a lot of money, but as you play Civony, you will find Heroes to be extremely valuable.

Heroes Intermediate Edit

Heroes Expert Edit